Lorca Hart Trio: The long awaited debut recording w/ Josh Nelson on piano & Edwin Livingston on bass. Rooted in the jazz tradition and yet contemporary. Thoughtful, dynamic, & vibrant. A mix of originals by Hart, Nelson, and Livingston as well as a couple of arranged standards.     Hugh Masekela: One of the only (by his own admission) true jazz recordings from the legendary trumpet player and African/world music icon. Mainly timeless, achingly beautiful ballads. With two legends in their own right: pianist Larry WillisJohn Heard on bass.  
  John Heard: An energetic, fun-filled, and swinging set from one of the true masters of upright bass. Stellar performances from Danny Grissett on piano, Nolan Shaheed on trumpet, & the late great Herman Riley on tenor sax.       Justo Almario: a unique and exciting musical hybrid of Justo's latin/world roots and his mastery of American Jazz. With Donald Vega on piano, Rene Camacho on bass, and Francisco Torres on trombone.  
  Phil Ranelin: Ranelin has long been respected for his original composing and trombone playing. This album features the likes of Pharaoh Saunders, Danny Grissett, and Jeff Littleton.    
Dave Pike: Lorca was lucky to have spent quality time with the legendary, inspiring bop vibraphonist. This set finds Pike w/ guitarist Anthony Wilson, pianist Milcho Leviev, bassist Richard Simon & sax great Teddy Edwards. Lorca splits drum duties w/ legendary master drummer Albert "Tootie" Heath.

  Ronald Muldrow: The late great guitar playerwas a prolific writer who loved to pay homage to his heroes. This record features a stellar cast of Mulgrew Miller on piano, Peter Washington on bass, Miller Pertum on vibes, and both Yoron Israel & Lorca on drums.    
Zane Musa: Long considered one of the most promising and incendiaryof the young west coast players, Zane blazes through this set of standards with Danny Grissett  on piano, Carlos Del Puerto on bass, and both Lorca & Tony Austin on drums.

  Cross Hart Jazz Experience: A project co-lead by long time musical (and personal) chums - bassist Ryan Cross & Lorca. This fun-filled collaboration includes many friends in different configurations, such as Josh Nelson, Danny Grissett, Justo Almario, Zane Musa, Donald Vega, and vocalists Toni Peete, Cynthia Felton & Patrice Quinn.